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Woodville Police Officer Shooting Update

September 19, 2023

Woodville Police Chief Michael McCulley said today that Woodville Police Officer, Troy Costello is receiving very good care following the Sunday morning shooting, but is still in critical but stable condition.

McCulley said, "He has already gone through one surgery to remove the bullet that was lodged next to his spine. He will Woodville Police Officer Troy Costello remain sedated until his next surgery sometime tomorrow and yet another surgery next week to reconstruct his lower jaw." According to McCulley, the doctors say Costello will make a complete recovery.

McCulley said, "We have been very blessed to have been inundated with calls and visitors and prayers! It really means a lot. Please continue to pray for Troy and his wife. No one should have to receive the call she got."

"I saw the x-ray and it is remarkable", McCulley explained, "Most people don't survive an injury like this. God truly had His Hand on him the whole time. It's a mixed bag of emotions, but we are trying to focus on the blessings".

The bullet reportedly entered his lower jaw, shattering it, and was lodged within millimeters of his spine.

McCulley said that he received the call early Sunday morning. He said, "I was at home drinking my first cup of coffee when I received the call. It was surreal. When I took over as Chief five years ago, I knew there was always the chance for something like this to happen, but I have always dreaded that moment. This is such a tragedy for the entire community especially to the families of both men and those who had to witness these shootings. It's an invasion that won't soon leave their memories. You want to shield the community from the ugliness but through it all, I think it has drawn our community closer together."

McCulley said that the officer himself made the call for 'Officer down' using his radio. A civilian in the area also called for help and helped to render aid until first responders arrived.

"I was able to speak to him when it first happened, McCulley continued, I was amazed that he was still aware and speaking. It's truly remarkable!"

McCulley said that whenever he is ready if he wants to return to work, his position will be waiting for him.

As we previously reported, Officer Costello was conducting a disturbance call on Pecan Street around 7:30 Sunday morning when a man identified as 41-year-old Reginal Owens of Hemphill shot the officer in the face. He was flown to a hospital in Houston in critical condition. Woodville Officer Jathan Borel said that about an hour later, the suspect was located on Shivers Drive in Woodville where he was shot and killed. Owens was pronounced dead at the scene and Justice of the Peace Precinct 1, Tina Self, ordered an autopsy. DPS released a statement saying, "At the request of the Woodville Police Department, the Texas Department of Public Safety Texas Ranger Division is conducting the investigation."

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