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Updated information as of 5:30 pm Wednesday on flooding in the Kirbyville area

Jasper County Judge Mark Allen said at around 4 pm Wednesday, "As I understand the flooding has subsided a bit, but 96 is still closed. Still sheltering."

Shelters have been opened in Kirbyville. One at the Stringer Building next to the Post office and the other at Kirbyville First Assembly of God on Trout Street. Pastor Shan Monclova said, "We have partnered with the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army and the Kirbyville Chamber of Commerce, as the shelter for Kirbyville. Currently it looks like we will be housing around 60-75 people until they can return home. While our needs are met at the moment, for food and other supplies, those impacted by this disaster will need a lot of help in the days to come. We will try and communicate those needs as we come across them in the days to come."

Regarding water rescues, Judge Allen said, "I think they have close to 50 people that are rescued, plus probably several stranded motorists. That's what is left that the First Assembly of God is helping care for." Allen continued, "Side note, Cory Crenshaw and the owner of Courville's in Beaumont donated enough meals to feed all of the victims and emergency responders dinner tonight. They also donated two pallets of water."

Kirbyville Fire Chief Greg Ellis said, "Probably close to 150 water rescues today, thankfully no deaths so far. We also rescued several cows and horses from the auction barn. We ask that everyone stay off the roads we have made rescues all day everyone is tired please don't be a statistic ! The water is very swift and you could get swept away so you might just save your own life by staying home."

Roganville VFD Chief Mike Smith said, "We've had somewhere in the neighborhood of 75 water rescues. Still have roads closed , water still about 16 inches deep at Cotton Tops. Still have sporadic rescues going on."

Jasper County Information Officer Karli Cherry released the following information;


FM 777 between County Road 317 and County Road 138 is closed.

UPDATE 04/10/24 3:00 PM

FM 363, FM 252, and HWY 96 are closed going into Kirbyville. FM 1004 E is also closed.

If you are trying to get to the City of Kirbyville, you should avoid the area at this time.


To travel around the city-

Northbound; Take HWY 96N to FM 82, right to HWY 87, then north to HWY 190.

Southbound; Take HWY 190 to HWY 87 down to FM 82 and out to HWY 96S.

Photo courtesy of EBT Sharpshooter Gene Clark


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