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Traffic was at a standstill Tuesday morning near Buna. Here's why...

Just before 11 am yesterday, an 18 wheeler began spilling its liquid cargo between Buna and Evadale. That stretch of Hwy has to be closed off for some time while clean-up was being conducted.

Jasper County Information Deputy Karli Cherry said, "An 18 wheeler hauling diesel had a spill on Hwy 96  in Buna. TXDOT cleaned it up, and Buna Fire Responded as well."

ETB has reached out to TxDot for a comment but as of Wednesday afternoon they had not responded.

The Department of Public Safety Media Sergeant Shana Clark said, "DPS assisted with traffic control. The truck had apparently gotten stuck on private property and damaged a valve which caused the diesel to spill out. When the driver realized, he pulled over near B&E and it spilled roughly 150 gallons of diesel"

The diesel was quickly and safely cleaned up and there were no injuries reported.


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