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Ortego's attorney responds to accusations

Recently, some media outlets as well as social media posts shared accusations against Pct 4 Constable, former Jasper County Deputy, and former Kirbyville Police Officer Matt Ortego. Today Ortego's attorney, Corey Crenshaw has provided a press release as a rebuttal to the accusations.

The following is the press release in its entirety:

"Following media reports last week that reported inaccurate circumstances surrounding a tragic mental health incident, Constable Ortego retained my firm to assist him with the criminal inquiry. Constable Ortego immediately entered a mental health facility, where he remains for treatment by health professionals. To the best of our knowledge, investigators have interviewed all witnesses who were at his home at the time of the incident and determined that no threat was made to any child or adult other than a threat Constable Ortego made to himself. There is zero evidence that any firearm was ever discharged or pointed at any child. Constable Ortego loves his children with all his heart and would never do anything to harm any child.

Should our understanding of the investigation change, then Constable Ortego will be happy to fully cooperate with investigators, and he is fully committed to getting treatment as recommended by health professionals. We are confident the rumors being spread lack merit and are being made for political purposes. Overall, the response Constable Ortego and his family have received is positive, and they greatly appreciate your understanding and support during this devastating mental health situation.

During Constable Ortego's medical leave, his hardworking team remains committed to their mission of serving and protecting the citizens of Orange County."

Pct 4 Constable, Matt Ortego


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