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Not what we want to think about, but...

W. R. Boughner TMCS USN Ret

Newton County Veterans Service Officer

509 Main St. (or) PO Bx.1380

Newton, TX. 75966

Telephone: 409-379-9017                     


Fax: 409-379-2058

One of the inevitable eventualities in life is that we are, sooner or later, all going to die.  To help ease the burden on loved ones, we veterans should make preparations in advance.

The first step is to make certain the family has easy access to important documents such as:

1. The Vet's discharge certificate (DD form 214)

2. VA documents, if any, indicating a VA claim number.

3. A copy of all marriage certificates and divorce decrees (if any previous marriages).

4. Insurance policies, including beneficiary designation.

6. Location of safety deposit boxes

Families may request a U.S. flag to drape over the casket.  They may also request a Presidential Memorial Certificate to honor the deceased loved one.  The VA will also provide a free headstone or grave marker.  For more information, go to

Please note that you need to have a copy of the DD-214 at the time of death to receive VA death benefits.  If you do not have a copy you can request information on how to get one from your county veterans service officer.

Our local funeral directors are extremely well versed on procedures for handling our Veteran’s funeral/burial claims through the VA, so speaking with them in advance may make the process flow smoother.

You can get more information from the Texas Veterans Commission at or

If you’re like me and like hard copy, give me a call and I’ll send you a burial benefits booklet in the mail


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