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National Weather Service to visit our area to assess damages, better understand storms, and justifying additional assistance

The National Weather Service is coming to our area soon to assess storm damage.

Jasper County Judge Mark Allen said, "The National Weather Service typically will deploy out to an area that experienced extreme storm damage to assess the possible presence and magnitude of tornados. Additionally, they will always try to discern patterns involving straight line winds and the enormity of damage. This helps them with their own ability to track and understand storms and helps Jasper County in assessing damage and justifying additional assistance for our citizens with the State of Texas and the Federal Government".

When asked if this could help citizens to get help with damages previously received, Allen said, "I think it will. The State is hoping to roll all of these events starting in early April to present into a large scale event and this may help with achieving that goal for greater assistance".

Many citizens need and are hoping for more assistance to rebuild homes and businesses that have been damaged in the storms. Hopefully they get the justification needed to make that happen.


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