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Narcan Saves Buna Man from Possible Overdose

September 21, 2023

At approximately 9am this morning, Jasper County Deputies responded to a possible overdose at a

residence in the 42,000 block of US Hwy 96S in Buna. Upon arrival, a responding deputy administered

Narcan to a 40yo W/M and it was successful. The male was transported by EMS in stable condition. The

substance used is suspected to be heroin and fentanyl.

Equipping officers with the necessary equipment and training can be the difference between life and

death, for both themselves and citizens. With a recent increase in heroin and fentanyl in our area, we

are prioritizing narcotics investigations and ensuring that deputies are properly trained in the use and

administration of Narcan.

“It is imperative that we provide the best and most needed equipment to our officers, so that they can

effectively serve the citizens of Jasper County.” -Chief Scott Duncan.

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