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K9 Bruce has officially retired from Newton County Sheriff Department

Newton County Sheriff Robert Burby announced Wednesday the retirement of K9 Bruce from service.

K9 Bruce was officially retired from service with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office on December 31, 2023, after a long and distinguished career. K9 Bruce has been assigned to Deputy Joshua Nash since February 2023. They worked as a team and are responsible for many finds, successful tracks, and arrests. K9 Bruce is a 9-year-old Belgian Malinois and has been with NCSO since 2018. Before Bruce became a K9 working dog, he was trained to be a personal protection dog for a military family. K9 Bruce was trained by LAK9 in Louisiana, where he was patrol certified and considered a dual purpose K9. He was trained to detect narcotics, and conduct crushed vegetation tracks, along with being patrol certified. K9 Bruce and partner, Deputy Nash, played a very pivotal role in detecting narcotics and arresting offenders during these years of service with the Sheriff’s Office, while bringing credit to themselves and the entire organization. Great Job Bruce, you will be missed.

Newton County Sheriff’s Office has purchased another K9. His name is Jack, and he and Deputy Nash will both attend training this month. K9 Jack is scheduled to be placed into service in February 2024.


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