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Jasper County Chief Deputy Report

January 22, 2024

We are currently working on an investigation into fraudulent checks being created on business accounts locally and deposited with JP Morgan Chase Bank. The suspect has made themselves a hefty profit, but we are confident their luck is about to run out.

We arrested 49-year-old Jeffery Bebee of Jasper last week for Armed

Robbery after evidence placed him at the scene of the Valero on

HWY 96N at the County Line that occurred in October of 2022. Our

investigators did a great job of processing the scene in order to preserve crucial evidence that connected Bebee to the crime.

Deputies recovered a vehicle that was found burned on FM 253 in

Buna that had been reported stolen out of Cougar Country. They

also recovered a stolen firearm that was stolen out of Newton

County on a separate incident.

Traffic stops continue to turn up illegal narcotics on both ends

of the county. Our narcotics division is working heavily with

other agencies to combat the movement of illegal substances,

which leads to many other crimes.

We have 128 in our jail this morning. If you need us, give us a


Scott Duncan, Chief Deputy

Jasper County Sheriff’s Office


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