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Cougar Country house fire before midnight-owner left with more questions than answers

Just before midnight Thursday, a home owned by Michelle Whatley 'mysteriously' burned to the ground.

According to friend Elizabeth Harley, Whatley told her, "The wires were stripped totally. She had called the police multiple times to get squatters out of there and county would go out and do nothing."

According to Harley, the property owners daughter was going to move into the house about a month ago. When they got to the home to check on it, they discovered that the wiring had been stripped and the house was torn up so bad she couldn’t move in. Harley said that they even stripped the meter loop and weather head and that the power had been disconnected long ago.

According to residents, a separate house in Cougar Country on Wiggins road caught fire just before this one.

ETB is awaiting word on these fires and will update our readers once more information is made available.


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