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Wildcats vs Panthers Live Stream!!

Welcome to the Pre-Game break down! Your Mighty Wildcats travel to Anahuac to take on the Panthers. The Wildcats are ranked 1st in district, after coming off a win against the Buna Cougars last week. The Panthers lost by a very slim margin to the Orangefield Bobcats. This should turn out to be a very physical game with both team fighting for a playoff spot in district. This game just like this season is about more than just a playoff spot for the Wildcats. It’s about redemption and proving to everyone that doubted the Wildcats prior to the season. This Wildcat team is different, this Wildcat team has seen defeat and struggles over the years. The program having come under new leadership, leadership that leads by example, is starting to see the fruits of their labor. Theres a drive, a determination to be the best TEAM, to lift up, support, and hype up each other. Having witnessed this it has been amazing journey. Anahuac will use their size to try and handle the Wildcats, while the Wildcats will need to set the tempo. Tonight talent from both teams will be evident, but ultimately one team walks away with the win. We pray it will be our Mighty Wildcats! So no matter where you are tonight click the link below to watch the livestream!


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