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Wildcats vs Buccaneers Final

Wildcats - 36

East Chmaber - 6

Halftime report -

The Kirbyville Wildcats pack pounced in the East Buccaneers stadium tonight looking to take that district opener. The Wildcats were the underdog as slated by local sports reporters, but here at The Ville Sports we know the heart our Cats have. This was evident in the 1st half as R. O’Bannion recovered a fumble on the kick off. This allowed the Wildcats to capitalized with a TD and extra points. This put the Wildcats up 8-0, then next kick off the Cats recovered the on-side kick. The Wildcats scored on the QB keeper putting up another 8 points, bringing the score 16-0. The Bucs answered on the next drive with a hook and ladder pass getting them on the scoreboard. Bucs went for the two point conversion but the Cats defense held fast and denied the attempt. The score was 16-6 but the Wildcats had other plans before the half ended. The Wildcats cut loose and moved the ball on a big pass with a short punch into the end zone. The Cats would not give up getting the 2 point conversion. This brought the score 24-6 at the half, we’re getting ready to start the second half now! Let’s Go Wildcats!! #WinTheDay


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