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Wildcats Blank the Cougars!!

This past Friday night was slated to be the most anticipated game in Jasper County. The game labeled the “South County Showdown” last year by The Ville Sports and did not disappoint the crowds attending! The Wildcats were coming off a 4-1 streak after beating East Chambers looking to improve on district. While the Buna Cougars were looking for a repeat appearance from last year even after a close loss to Orangefield last week. The Cougars loss the toss and started things off offensively. After several successful plays, the Wildcats were able to stop their momentum on a 3 down reverse. This forced the Cougars to punt it away, kicking it deep into to Wildcats territory. The third play of the drive J. Huffman connects with B. Mahathay who leaps over a Cougar defender around the 45 yard line before he was tackled. The Wildcats drove deep into Cougar territory before they turned the ball over on a fumble. Buna went to work quickly driving back down to the Wildcat 25-yard line, but the Wildcats forced T. Marse to scramble and in the process the ball was knocked loss. The ball was picked up by B. Mahathay who ran back to the Buna end zone, but the officials blew the whistle and after a long discussion it was ruled a fumble. The ball was placed at the Wildcat’s 16-yard line and Wildcats again were in the drivers seat. Even with this turn of events the Wildcats were again forced to punt it away. The Cougars started at their own 44-yard line but after two sacks and an incomplete pass, they were forced to punt. After several plays the Wildcats B. Mahathay scored on a short run with D. Fussell on the two-point conversion. This put the Wildcats 8-0 up after a scoreless 1 Qtr., the game was turning out to be a very defensive game from both teams stepping up. Cougars capitalized on an out of bounds kick by L. Fussell, This put them on their own 40-yard line. After a hand off to J. Johnson, T. Marse connected with E. Whitehead for a short gain. T. Marse hit B. Robinson III for the 1st down but was called back due to penalty. T. Marse found E. Whitehead again but he couldn’t gain enough for the 1st down. The Wildcats took over at the their own 34-yard line, where J. Huffman hit B. Garner on a pass putting the Wildcats just inside Cougar territory. Again, deep in Cougar redone J. Huffman was able to find the end zone on a QB scramble. A. Anderson followed this up with a short run for the 2-point conversion. This put the Wildcats up 16-0 in the 2 Qtr. with plenty of time to play. After the missed kick reception, K. Dill was able to pick the ball up and return it for 20-yards. The Cougars steadily grind their way back into the WIldcat’s redone, but on 3rd down at the Wildcat 10-yard line T. Marse overthrew K. Dill in the end zone. This would end the half Wildcats leading the Cougars 16-0. The Wildcats received the ball on the 2nd half kickoff return and started the slow but steady grind heading down the field. Again, it was B. Mahathay on a hand off from the 5-yard line to power it in for a TD. A. Anderson hit the hole like a Mac truck powering his way in for the 2-point conversion. This put the Wildcats up 24-0 in the 3rd Qtr. with 7:19 left to play. Cougars started their drive off on their own 45-yard line, trying to make something happen. The Wildcats defense stepped up and forced the Cougars into a 4 out series. The Wildcats returned the punt and started their push back into the Cougars territory. Again, it was A. Anderson pushing through the Cougar defenders and in for the score. D. Fussell hit the gas and smoked his way into the end zone for the 2-point conversion. The Wildcats were in the drivers set at this point leading 32-0 with :46 seconds left in the 3rd Qtr. The ball changed sides multiple times in the 4th Qtr., until a forced fumble by T. Allen & D. Jackson. D. Burnett scoped in up and returned it for a 70-yard TD. J. Huffman with a QB keeper put the Wildcats up 40-0 late in the 4th Qtr. The Wildcats defense forced the Cougars into another 4 and out, this allowed the Wildcats to run out the clock. Wildcats are now 2-0 in district and 5-1 overall, while the Buna Cougars are 0-2 in district and 3-3 overall. The Cougars next face-off against the East Chambers Buccaneers. The Wildcats will face the Anahuac Panthers away, who are 1-1 in district and 5-1 overall. This year is shaping up to be a promising season for the Wildcats who came into district as the underdogs. Good Luck to both teams this week!

Kirbyville Highlights

Defense had 14 sacks, 31 Tackles for a Loss, 19 solo tackles, 41 assisted tackles, & 3 forced fumbles

Offensive had 303 total rushing yards & 72 receiving yards for a combined total of 375 yards with only 1 fumble


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