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What ARE your Questions?

East Texas Banner will hold the only debate between Scott Duncan and Chuck Havard for Jasper County Sheriff on January 30th.

Both men graduated from Kirbyville High School and we felt that Kirbyville High School would be the best place to hold this type of event.

The debate will be moderated by retired Buna ISD Government/Economics Teacher Kerry Thomas and Jasper County Businessman Chris Lanier.

We currently have confirmations Jasper ISD, Kirbyville CISD and Evadale ISD that they will have their students involved. Students will be given the opportunity to ask a quesitons directly to the candidates. East Texas Banner is currently awaiting Buna ISD's decision to participate. has a link available to the public for "Citizen Questions." Please feel free to submit your question to be considered for the event. "Citizen Questions" will be considered and present by the moderators at the event. Go To SUBMIT MY QUESTION TODAY

The debate will be broken into 3 categories: Moderator Questions, Citizen Questions and Student Questions.

We at the East Texas Banner believe that this is one of the most important elections for Jasper County citizens and we believe you deserve the opportunity to get to know both candidates in a debate form.

We want to thank our current sponsors for there support: Patrick's Auto Repair and McClelland Real Estate 


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