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Want to participate in the 3rd Annual Public Safety Career Day event? Here's how!

Our 3rd Annual Public Safety Career Day event at the Deep East Texas College & Career Academy is set for Wednesday, November 15th starting at 8 a.m. until noon.

For those who have participated in the past, you already know there have been close to 1,000 students attending the event representing 7 school districts. For those who haven't been able to attend in the past, please know this event has become a big hit with the students and we feel this year will be bigger and better than ever.

In the past, we've included all disciplines related to law enforcement, EMS, fire service, and medical fields. Last year we included the US Army, many federal agencies, and public works entities. All were very well received.

We hope that you will be able to attend this year's event. Please let me know no later than November 8th if you can. I've attached a few pics from last year.

Like last year, we're planning on the Jasper Hospital District to provide lunch for all participants.

Hope to hear back from you soon and see you at the event!


James Gunter

Fire Chief

Beech Grove VFD

281-217-1689 - mobile


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