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Vets beware

All the recent hype about the PACT Act and Camp Lejeune have the termites coming out of the woodwork. There has been a significant increase in online advertisements from predatory UNACCREDEDITED companies or “claim sharks” that are targeting our Veterans.

They charge high fees claiming they make them more effective in assisting the Vets than the free services offered by the Texas Veterans Commission . . that is blatantly false. They are not accredited with the VA because they would not be able to charge the exorbitant fees for work that is, more often than not, not completed. What is worse, they often bilk funds from unwary, grieving Veterans’ survivors.

So Veterans beware. If you decide you want to use a paid firm and doubt their legitimacy, check the VA website or contact a VA representative.

Note, too, that most counties have a paid county employee that offers the same services for free, as well as the Texas Veterans Commission..

W. R. Boughner TMCS(AW/SW) USN Ret

Newton County Veteran’s Service Officer

509 Main St. (or) PO Bx.1380

Newton, TX. 75966

Telephone: 409-379-9017

 e-mail Fax: 409-379-2058



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