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Be Someone's Valentine

February is a month of love, joy and quality time set aside for those special to us. February is also a lonely month for those who can’t be with family, have lost love ones, or are simply spending another Valentine’s Day alone.

This is especially true for our Veterans residing in our Texas State Veterans Homes. Many of our Veterans no longer have their spouses here with them. For the ones that do, they may be struggling with depression and anxiety. What better time to send a Veteran a little love than this Valentine’s Day?

We as Texans love our Veterans and should make it evident this February. Reach out to a Veteran and remind them that they are loved and appreciated for the sacrifices they have made for us and our country.

Please address the cards to “Texas Veteran, c/o Valentines for Vets.” You can find the addresses to our nine homes here:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ray Boughner, TMCS USN Ret, Newton and Jasper County VSO

Two additional homes;


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