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Updated information on FEMA assistance, flood qualification dates, and what help can citizens hope to receive

This week we received the Presidential authorization needed to start the process of getting FEMA assistance to help many who suffered losses in the recent storms. Unfortunately, some who have applied since that time were denied because the declaration begins on April 26th, instead of April the 10th when most local losses began. However, ETB has reached out to Jasper County Judge Mark Allen for some clarification on how the system works and what is the next step.

Allen explained, "Now that we have the Presidential authorization, we'll be working with the State and FEMA to continue getting clarification on eligibility for all of our citizens affected by the storms from April 10th to present. Meanwhile, I would encourage anybody that received damage or who was affected by the storms on any of the dates in April through May to reach out to agencies as they come online to get assistance."

Of course this doesn't lend any immediate help to those in need of funds, but we're much closer to it than we have been. From our conversation with Judge Allen, help is on the way very soon

Allen added, "Currently, we are working with FEMA and the Texas Department of Emergency Management in setting up a Disaster Recovery Center at Jasper County's Annex Facility in Jasper. This will allow citizens to apply for assistance through FEMA, SBA, Red Cross, etc, as well for our farmers and ranchers to speak with USDA representatives for any assistance needed as well. We anticipate that it will be ramped up soon after the state election date ends Tuesday to allow access in our large conference room on the first floor of the Annex."

Regarding those who have already filed and were denied due to the covered dates, Allen said, "I would wait until they open up the DRC and visit with representatives in person if (a person) was denied at this point. There will be more state and federal agencies available at this location."

ETB will keep our readers up to date on assistance and any changes in eligibility.


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