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Update on plant fire

Shelter in Place for Chester, Colmesneil and Rockland has been lifted.

Tyler County Emergency Management posted an update on the plant fire in Shepherd.

San Jacinto Emergency Operations Center will be giving another update at 1:00pm today. Will relay information as soon as we get it. Polk County Emergency Management, our neighboring county, relayed information to us.

At this time, TCEQ is mobilizing an air monitoring unit to set up in Polk County. This will provide more information about the hazards we are dealing with and appropriate safety measures.

According to records recently received from TCEQ, the plant has reported housing Wood Turpentine, Phosophoric Acid, Xylene, Diesel Fuel, IMP-IC-2012, Sulfuric Acid, CDA-121, NP 9, Isopropyl Alcohol, IMN-BAC-2, AZA-121 Dispersant and Acetic Acid. These chemicals are known to have acute toxicity, carcinogenicity, and reproductive toxicity, and may cause serious eye damage or eye irritation, skin corrosion or irritation, aspiration hazard, and organ toxicity. Polk County Facebook page is

Polk County Emergency Management released this just before noon...


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