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Update on Missing Person - Joshua Larkin

JOSHUA LARKIN, White Male, 6’0 feet tall, weighs 180 pounds – 39 Years of Age with short brown hair.


Joshua Ian Larkin is still missing, and we are actively investigating his whereabouts over a year later.  On November 17, 2022, Larkin was reported to have gone hunting at the Exotic Cat Refuge, 254 Private Road 7025 in Kirbyville. On November 18, 2022, over 36 hours after Joshua Larkin was reported missing by his mother, we learned that Larkin’s vehicle was left at the Exotic Cat Refuge and recovered by Mrs. Larkin. We have interviewed all individuals who were reported as being at the Exotic Cat Refuge at the time Larkin was last seen.  A search by NCSO and Trout Creek VFD was conducted at the Exotic Cat Refuge and the wooded areas surrounding that location.  Over the last year, we have searched many locations after receiving information about Larkin’s possible whereabouts, with no results. We have talked to many of Larkin’s alleged friends about him and the circumstances that led up to him being reported missing.  We have conducted numerous searches on foot, using bloodhounds, and cadaver dogs.

Because this case is an active investigation, we can’t go into great detail or list names associated with the Larkin Missing Person investigation.  There are individuals who know exactly what happened surrounding Mr. Larkin’s disappearance. We ask that you come forward with what you know.  At this point, I can assure you that if you need to come in and correct any information you have already provided us, now is the time to do so. This is not a cold case. This is an active case, and we will continue to do our due diligence and find out what happened to Joshua Larkin.  

We are asking for the public’s help in bringing a conclusion to the investigation, and closure to the Larkin family. We are still looking to speak to any individuals who may have encountered Mr. Larkin in the days before him being reported missing, and/or information pertaining to his current whereabouts.  We are asking anyone who saw Mr. Larkin on or before November 17, 2022, in the Jasper, Kirbyville, and Newton areas to contact the Newton County Sheriff’s Office (409)379-3636 or 3637.  



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