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Newton Eagle Quarterback Club Meeting - August 25th

The Newton Eagle Quarterback Club will have their first meeting of 2023 Friday August 25th at 9:00 am at the NISD Admin building. Head Coach Drew Johnston will discuss the Eagle/Anahuac contest. Lots of loyal Eagle fans come out for these meetings that welcome all to attend. The Club has been a fixture of Newton Nation for many, many years with #1 fan Sam Forse Collins as MC. Sam loved his Eagles and Newton history of all kinds. The Newton County Historical Commission had a project to produce a book on the history of the Eagle program and the chairman of the project was Sam. I was honored he invited me to tell the story as writer. Make no doubt Sam was the driving force to complete the project. After 4 years of work and help from many volunteers of the History Commission the book was completed. As current MC of the club I wanted in some way to honor Sam as the true Purple Pride fan of the Eagles he was for so many seasons. This year a ticket with each person's name on it will be placed in a drawing each time they attend the weekly meetings. The final meeting of the regular season a winner will be drawn from the entries to win a copy of the History of Newton High School Football titled "Once An Eagle." There will be no cost involved simply show up at the meetings and place your ticket in the drawing container. Sam was a great fan that led an extraordinary life. The Quareterback Club wishes to honor his love and devotion to Newton football. See ya'll at the meetings! Purple Pride Never Dies!!


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