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Twenty six VFD members begin certification classes

Last night 2 members of our department started a 4 month class to become certified fire fighters in the first ever Adult Fire Academy held in Jasper, Texas!

In a post a spokesperson said, "We have set out on the journey to be better equipped to serve both our local community and all of our neighbors".

In this class there are a total of 26 VOLUNTEER firefighters representing the City of Jasper, TX and Jasper County Emergency Services District # 4!

The journey to last night began in 2020 and so many have been involved in this process. Hosted by the Deep East Texas College & Career Academy and accredited by the Kilgore College Fire Academy, this course is being instructed by local TCFP instructors Brad Parsons, Chase Dunn, and Jeremy Cochran.

This course is a combination of in-person(two nights a week) and online training combined with skills training on several Saturday’s throughout the next 4 months at the Charles E. Gee Memorial Fire Training Facility.

The 26 VOLUNTEERS represent the following volunteer fire departments:

Tri-Community Volunteer Fire Dept

Jasper Texas Volunteer Fire Department

Lake Rayburn Fire Department

East End Volunteer Fire Department

Beech Grove VFD, Jasper TX

The post continued, "We are incredibly proud and honored to be a part of this inaugural class! Many more to come."

Please join us with congratulating your 26 LOCAL VOLUNTEERS for their dedication!


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