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Tribute to all who gave some and all who gave all

Well done good and faithful vets.

You have served faithfully day by day

And honored our precious nation

That we proudly call the USA

You left your home and loved ones

And all your dreams and plans

To protect the freedoms we all hold dear

At home and in foreign lands.

With heroes' hearts, you went forth

To do all that you could do

As you offered your life to protect us all

Under our red, white, and blue.

No glory did you seek for self

Or fame for your own name

But you went forth humbly for the cause

That would never bring you fame.

Because of your pain and suffering

We still live in a land that's free

Where we can all live in peace

In our great land of liberty.

So today we honor each one of you

And pray God will bless you all

For each of you who gave so much

And for each one that gave all.

By George Randall


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