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The Havard Train pulls in and rolls to victory in Jasper & Newton Counties

Chuck Havard (father) and son Colton Havard WIN big in Sheriff's elections for Jasper and Newton Counties expressing the demand for change throughout both counties.

Many citizens have conveyed a need for change and more law enforcement presence in the southern parts of both counties and their voice was heard Tuesday. Early voting was a clear indication of how the night would finish.

Jasper County Early Votes:

Chuck Havard - 2659

Scott Duncan - 2209

Newton County Early Votes:

Colton Havard - 907

Robert Burby - 402

Both newly elected Sheriff's have stated that they are dedicated and committed to bringing more professionalism to the Sheriff Office and go after the criminals plaguing our counties.

At 29, Colton Havard is one of the youngest Sheriffs elected in the state's history.


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