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The 60th Annual Miss Kirbyville Pageant 2024 Winners!

The 60th Anniversary Miss Kirbyville, held May 4, 2024 at Kirbyville Elementary Cafeteria. Directed by Shanna Loyd, Board of Directors: Shanna Loyd - President, Iva Allen - Vice President, Secretary - Bobbie Samuel and board member Dana Thompson and Treasurer Janet Telles.

Infant Miss Division:

3rd Runner Up - Hazel Smith

2nd Runner Up - Willow Ludlow

1st Runner Up - Josie Gaspard

Infant Miss Winner - Kallie - Gail Lyons

Baby Miss Division:

3rd Runner Up - Cambree Garner

2nd Runner Up - Lynnlee Campbell

1st Runner Up - Seely Jo Morgan

Baby Miss Winner: Ava Jones

Tiny Miss Division:

3rd Runner Up - Myneaux Powers

2nd Runner Up - Addison Brunette

1st Runner Up - Missouri Fontenot

Tiny Miss Winner - Brynlee Chesson

Mini Miss Division:

3rd Runner Up - Raelie Chesson

2nd Runner Up - Averi Dixson

1st Runner Up - Paxley Hendricks

Mini Miss Winner - Parker Bergstrom

Little Miss Division:

3rd Runner Up - Kayzleigh McKan

2nd Runner Up - Kaiser Malos

1st Runner Up - Anniston Downs

Little Miss - Abby Morgan

Young Miss Division:

3rd Runner Up - Nevaeh Sonnier

2nd Runner Up - Mila Navarrette

1st Runner Up - Brittlynn Kroner

Young Miss Winner - Charlee Barlow

Junior Miss Division:

3rd runner up - Mckaylee Sepulvado

2nd Runner Up - Palyn George

1st Runner Up - Miya Walters

Miss Congeniality - Palyn George

Junior Miss Winner - Brea Kelley

Pre-Teen Miss:

2nd Runner Up - Paesleigh Rawls

1st Runner Up - Emma Meredith

Miss Congeniality - Karli Draper

Pre - Teen Miss Winner - Karli Draper

Teen Miss Division

2nd Runner Up - Khloe Cox

1st Runner Up - Addisyn Fairchild

Miss Congeniality - Khloe Cox

Teen Miss Winner - Lainey Kent

Miss Kirbyville Division:

Photogenic Winner $250 Scholarship - Kiera Danna

Miss Congeniality $250 Scholarship - Makayla Hebert

Peoples Choice Winner $250- Scholarship - Kiera Danna

Interview Winner $250 Scholarship - Kiera Danna

Fun Fashion Winner $250 Scholarship - Kiera Danna

Formal Wear Winner $250 Scholarship - Kiera Danna

2nd Runner Up - $1000 Scholarship Makayla Hebert

1st Runner Up - $2000 Scholarship - Brianna Chandler

Miss Kirbyville - $4000 Scholarship - Kiera Danna

Congratulations to all the winners!

Special thanks to Laura Oglesbee Photography and Martin Roberts Photography.

Below, left to right:

Standing on box: Brynlee Chesson

Standing in front: Ava Jones

Green dress: Charlee Barlow

Sitting in front: Kallie-Gail Lyons

Standing behind baby: Abby Morgan

Standing pink and white dress: Parker Bergstrom

Back row: Brea Kelley, Lainey Kent, Kiera Danna, Karli Draper

Below: Miss Kirbyville 2024 Kiera Danna

Infant Miss Kirbyville 2024 Kallie-Gail Lyons

Baby Miss Kirbyville 2024 Miss Ava Jones 

Tiny Miss Kirbyville 2024 Brynlee Chesson

Mini Miss Kirbyville 2024 Parker Bergstrom

Little Miss Kirbyville 2024 - Abby Morgan

Young Miss Kirbyville 2024 Charlie Barlow

Pre-Teen Miss Kirbyville 2024 Karli Draper

Junior Miss Kirbyville 2024 Brea Kelley

Teen Miss Kirbyville 2024 Lainey Kent


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