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The 2023 Roganville Volunteer Fire Department Awards Banquet is in the books

Roganville Fire held their annual awards banquet Saturday night at Jasper County Cowboy Church in Jasper.

Catering was done by KOFA Catering who provided some amazing BBQ brisket and lots of other delicious meats and sides! Also, an array of wonderful deserts were provided by Lynn Fussell with Maws Kitchen.

Pastor Chet Strain was the guest speaker for the event. He spoke on volunteerism and said that the Lord called us all to be servants and explained that servitude was the essence of becoming a volunteer. "Do it heartily as unto the Lord and not unto men" Strain said referring to the scripture found in Colossians 3:23-24.

Strain closed by saying, "Thank you for your faithful service!"

Roganville Fire Chief Mike Smith added, "Everyone of you step up when you you need to step up and step back when you need to step back. You make my job that much easier!" Then Smith presented Strain with a plaque of recognition for being this years guest speaker.

Smith was then ready to present some awards. First was the Chief's Award. Smith noted that this award is his decision and only his. "There is one fire fighter who stepped up when they didn't have to and came through for me time and time again. That person is Melinda Lindsey!"

Next was the Firefighter of the Year Award. Smith said, "This award goes to Ashlee Leger." Once Leger was up and accepting the award, Smith said, "Ashlee has had a problem with her leg and was out for a good while as she healed, but when she returned, she returned with a vengeance!"

In closing, Smith noted that the EMS Program is just days away from launching; big things are coming to Roganville! Smith also thanked Ken Green and Sue Singletary from the ESD board.

After that, the group moved into the sanctuary for photos.


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