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'STOP' ANIMAL CONTROL ORDINANCE 23-08 - Sign the Petition

Hello 👋 Concerned People of Newton,

If You would like to help 'STOP' ANIMAL CONTROL ORDINANCE 23-08...(It's Not a Good one)

It tells You the Tax Payer, that You have "NO SAY" on the Ownership of what Pets and Animals that You can Own, or Now Own, and what animals will be Illegal/Unlawful to Own here in Newton!

This isn't just a Dog Ordinance!

Then Please let Your Voice and Your Rights be Heard, Please join us 🙏 and Fight This Violation of Your Freedoms!

A 'No Go' Petition signing is in Effect!

Place: Newton City Park (the walking park) parking lot You'll see us.

Time's: 2:30pm - 4:00pm Daily

Date's: Today 7-29-23 through 8-1-23

The next meeting on this purposed 23-08 Ordinance

We'll be on 8-2-23.

This is Your time and place to take Action!

- Jamey Spears


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