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Soccer was the theme of the day on Saturday in Kirbyville!

- All pictures provided by Anna Wilkerson Photography

The fields came alive with sounds of laughter and excited children as Kirbyville Youth Soccer League (KYSL) held their opening day ceremonies for the fall soccer season. Soccer lovers of all ages gathered early in the morning and stayed until late in the afternoon.

Melody Rodriguez, assistant coach & secretary of the league, officiated the opening ceremonies. Eli Rodriguez & Karson Draper led the assembly in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, Mrs. Greenwood sang the National Anthem and Special guest Mr. Rutherford, Assistant Principal for Kirbyville Elementary School, graced the event with his presence and gave the much-anticipated opening kickoff.

Mrs. Rodriguez said, in a statement to the East Texas Banner, “Kirbyville Youth Soccer League enjoyed a successful opening day Saturday. The players were energized, the parents supportive, and our volunteers went above and beyond. As board members and coaches, we are so excited to see such a growth not only in the love of soccer, but for our program as well. We neared 150 registered players for our fall season, including many players from surrounding towns. We look forward to seeing that number grow! Sports can be such a positive force in the lives of our youth, not only for physical health but mental toughness, healthy outlets, and persevering through adversity. KYSL feels grateful that we’re able to play a part in the lives of these kids. If you missed us this fall, we look forward to having you in the spring! If you’re curious about what we’re doing, just come out to the fields on a Saturday morning and see what we’re all about! Thank you, soccer fans for all the support!”

If you’re interested in following KYSL for the season, you can find them HERE.


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