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Sexual assault led to man's arrest

On Saturday, January 6 at around 8pm a woman was shopping at Family Dollar in Kirbyville. When she exited the store, a Hispanic man approached her and asked to help her unload her groceries. The woman declined and continued to unload her items. As she turned around, the man was putting some of her bags in the back seat of her vehicle. The woman said that she again declined, but he continued loading the bags.

The woman said that she thanked him and attempted to get in her vehicle, but the man was standing in the way of her door.

According to the affidavit, the man who was identified as 63-year-old Reyes began saying things about her eyes and her (body). Reyes then began touching her inappropriately and kissing her on her neck and lips. She said that she was afraid to do anything because she didn't know what he would do to her.

The woman was finally able to get her door open and got into her vehicle, but Reyes sat inside the door preventing her from leaving. She said that she was trying to get away from him without making him mad.

At some point after this, she was finally able to close her door and drove home and told her husband what happened and then called the Sheriff's Department.

The couple returned to the Family Dollar Store where they met with Kirbyville Police Officer Richard Going. There she was able to give a complete description of Reyes. Store Manager Cammie Stark was able to pull up video footage of the man entering the store after the incident occured. Store employees recognized the man as someone who lives at the mobile home park located behind Magnolia Park. The owner of the mobile home park, Curtis Washington advised that the man did live there at lot 21.

Officer Going went to the location and saw Reyes exiting a vehicle matching the exact description of the assailant. When asked about the woman, Reyes said that he helped her put her groceries into her vehicle, but denied ever touching her. He stated that he was sitting in her doorway because his (knee) started bothering him.

On January 21st, Reyes was placed under arrest and taken to Jasper County Sheriff's Department. He was charged with Indecent Assault/Fondling. Reyes was arraigned on a $7,500 bond and posted bail. Before his release, Reyes was also served with a protective order.


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