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SETRPC Meeting Scheduled

September 20, 2023

TO: SETRPC Executive Committee Members

FROM: Shanna Burke, Executive Director sb

SUBJECT: Review and Approval of Fully Revised SETRPC Personnel Policy Manual – Action Item A complete comprehensive examination and revision of the SETRPC Personnel Policy Manual is a project that has been ongoing for quite some time and is finally at its completion stage. I, personally, have taken on this task and have reviewed other Council of Government (COG)/Regional Planning Commission (RPC) manuals as well as what we have in place to create something specific for us that will work for us. The document has grown from 9 sections and fifty-one (51) pages to nineteen (19) sections and seventy-five (75) pages. The final draft has been reviewed by all Administration staff, select employee level staff, and forwarded to legal counsel for comments and recommendations. Due to its size, the manual is not provided with this cover memo. Both the newly revised draft as well as the current document in use can be found on the SETRPC’s website. Once the following link is accessed, simply scroll down to Human Resources on the left-hand side of the page to find both: Approval of the fully revised SETRPC Personnel Policy Manual, to be effective October 1, 2023, is requested.


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