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Man hit by truck following car wreck in front of Weaver Brothers in Kirbyville

Courtesy of ETB Sharpshooter Elizabeth Harley

At around 4:40pm Thursday, Kirbyville Police and Kirbyville Fire Department/First Responders were called out to Hwy 96 in Kirbyville right in front of Weaver Brothers.

According to witnesses, a small white car was traveling south bound on the outside lane. At the same time, an 18 wheeler driven by Bryan Plumlee, 40, of Saratoga was also traveling south but on the inside lane. The truck driver attempted to move to the outside lane and hit the car.

65-year-old Michael Bailey of Kirbyville was driving the car. He stepped out of the vehicle to check for damages and while at the rear of the car, he was hit and pinned between it and a truck driven by 71-year-old Wes Evans, also of Kirbyville.

According to Kirbyville Police Chief Paul Brister, Bailey who was flown to St. Elizabeth and underwent surgery has suffered 'catastrophic injuries' in the accident.

We will update when more information becomes available.


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