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Updated: Second accident involving Kirbyville Sonic has Kirbyville all abuzz!

A small electrical fire at Sonic in Kirbyville had citizens understandably concerned as multiple fire trucks arrived.

The call for assistance went out at 6:30 Monday evening at Sonic located at 909 South Margaret. The caller advised that one of the lights on one of the stalls had caught fire.

Kirbyville Volunteer Fire Department and Kirbyville Police arrived quickly and began dismantling the affected call box, searching for the cause.

KVFD Assistant Chief Steven Sowder said, "There was a fire inside the sign. It was the last one next to the highway. Plus there was a small electrical fire in the canopy. I think it was because of the heavy rain we were having. It could easily have shorted it out causing the fires."

Sowder said that when they first arrived he asked the manager to cut the power to the signs which caused the fires to go out.

KVFD had six people come out and they brought units 2 and 5.


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