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Scam alert!

SAFE-D Community,

We have recently learned of an email scam where someone claiming to be SAFE-D President Billy Ted Smith is emailing people asking for them to verify their cell phone numbers. Apparently, if you give this person your number they will text you and attempt to have you purchase gift cards, supposedly for "staff".

This email is NOT from Billy Ted or anyone associated with SAFE-D. You should disregard it.

If you receive an email from someone purporting to be from SAFE-D, make sure to verify the domain name in the email address. Emails from SAFE-D usually come from an "" or "" address.

If anyone claiming to be from SAFE-D ever asks you for your personal information or to expend funds, please feel free to verify with us by emailing admin@safe-d.or or calling 512-251-8101.

Thanks and have a great weekend,


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