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Precinct 4 appreciation for GLO

Many thanks to Texas General Land Office Commissioner Dawn Buckingham for paying a visit to Jasper County as she traveled through East Texas. Commissioner Buckingham helped us celebrate the completion of an approximately $4.2 million road upgrade and drainage grant project on County Road 200 in the Brookeland community, then presented Jasper County with information regarding an additional $13.254 million in grant funding that will be received from the General Land Office to replace a water tower for the City of Kirbyville and upgrade the water system in the Evadale Community in Precinct 4. These funds will also be used to upgrade roadways and drainage in Precincts 2 and 3 and construct two local community support centers in Precinct 1.

Currently, Jasper County is also working on a major $14.9 million grant project funded through the GLO to improve drainage along the U.S. Highway 96 corridor from the City of Jasper all the way down to the Buna community in an effort to improve passage on roadways and reduce flooding for local homeowners and businesses along U.S. 96 when a major disaster strikes.

We deeply appreciate the effort and support that the Texas General Land Office has provided to Jasper County over the years and look forward to working with Commissioner Buckingham and her team to continue improving the lives of our citizens.


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