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Postal worker who was attacked by dogs is on the road to recovery -continue to pray

On Tuesday, March 19th of this year, we told you about a postal worker who was savagely attacked by two dogs while delivering mail.

Jasper County Information Officer Karli Cherry said in a press release today, "US Postal Worker Tamara Hartford came by to see Deputy Daniel Coons after being released from the hospital following the March 19, 2024, dog attack she suffered in Jasper.

Cherry continued, "Hartford is on the road to recovery and Deputy Coons has maintained contact with she and her family since the attack. We are glad to see these happy endings and continue to pray for healing for Ms. Hartford!"

Original article:

At approximately 11:00 am Tuesday, an on-duty Jasper County Deputy was at a residence in the Curtis Community in Jasper, when he heard someone screaming.

Deputy Daniel Coons ran towards the shouting and found a woman on the ground near the 300 block of County Road 110A being attacked by two dogs.

The deputy discharged his firearm and shot one of the dogs, the other charged him and he discharged his firearm again at the other dog. Both dogs died at the scene.

Deputy Coons then administered life-saving measures to the woman, applying a tourniquet to her right arm, and bandaging to her leg. The woman, who was identified as a local postal worker, was taken by ambulance to Jasper Memorial Hospital and then life-flighted to a Houston hospital. She had severe damage to her arm and leg.

Later, the owner of the dogs, 30-year-old Jordan Cormier, of Jasper, was arrested on two counts of Attack by

Dog Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury (3rd Degree Felony) and three counts of Cruelty to Non-Livestock (Class A Misdemeanor).

As of Thursday May 24th, Cormier remains in the Jasper County Jail on bonds totaling $522,500.00 set by JP Pct4 Gina Cleveland.

Below: Jordan Cormier


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