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Postal Worker files complaint against Post-Master

Jasper Postal Service worker Chase Simmons has filed a complaint against the postmaster for alleged threats.

Simmons, a postal service custodian for the United State Postal Office in Jasper, Texas, has filed a complaint with the Jasper Police Department concerning an alleged threat made by Post-Master Steve McDuffie that was said to have taken place at the end of August.

McDuffie said, "If I get fired because of you, I'm coming to your house, it will probably get bloody, and I'll probably go to jail" according to Simmons. Simmons went on to say, "You can say whatever you want about me, but when you threaten my home and family... that's where I have a problem and that's where I draw the line."

President of the Texas Postal Workers Union Carlton Williams said, "The United States Postal Service has a zero-tolerance policy for threats. There is a protocol for allegations like this that starts with immediate non-duty and non-pay status for the alleged offender until a full investigation is completed." Williams went on to say, "If we were talking about Mr. Simmons threatening the postmaster, they would follow their protocol. They never punish the managers when the workers speak out."

ELM 53 - Employee & Labor Relations Manual

665.24 Violent and/or Threatening Behavior Similarly, there must be no tolerance of harassment, intimidation, threats, or bullying by anyone at any level. Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action, including removal from the Postal Service.

Simmons also states, "My biggest problem is about how the USPS has not held up to their zero-tolerance policy concerning this situation... and now I have had to invoke my Weingarten Rights which does not allow him (postmaster) to speak to me directly."

Note: ETB reached out to the following for comment with no response at the time of posting:

> Angela Gavin - Manager of Labor Relations Texas District 1

> Jasper PD Investigator


American Postal Workers Union News

> Management treats employees with dignity and respect - 40% Strongly Disagree


Simmons provided his official statement to, "On August 30th, around 7:05 am, I entered the office of Postmaster Steven McDuffie. He asked if I had staged some cages the day before. I said that I did. He told me that I failed to put FIFO sheets on them and made this statement right after. Steven McDuffie: "If I get fired because of you I'm coming to your house, it will probably get bloody, and I'll probably go to jail." I didn't say anything afterwards. Around 9:00 am I asked my supervisor, Charlote Thompson, if I could speak to her. I told her what he said to me and went to lunch afterwards. At some point while I was at lunch the Postmaster had a conversation with her about our failure. He disclosed to her what he had said to me about coming to my house and inflicting violence. Mrs. Thompson told him that he couldn't say things like that to people and employees because it is a direct threat towards them; in hopes that he would see the error in his ways. He told her he meant it. I don't feel safe around Steven McDuffie anymore and am in fear of mine and my family’s safety. I feel imminent danger with him and refuse to be near him or work with him because of this. P.S. He has made similar violent actions towards me in the past. These include talking about punching me in front of other employees; and acting like he's going to kick me in the face in front of employees. Inciting any violence is never the answer. Second P.S. for Labor. I have sent the above statement to OIG, and Johnny Wright. I have received word that Labor had received it too. I have also filed a police report with Jasper Police Department pressing charges against Steven McDuffie. Officer in contact was Oxener badge number 141. Case number 23-00841. I have filed an EEO and Have an appointment Tuesday the 12th at 9am with EAP counselor Cynthia Bursey. I thank you and hope to get this resolved as soon as possible so I can get back to work and feel safe and secure."


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