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Plant fire is now contained

There were nineteen employees at the plant that exploded this morning identified as Sound Resource Solutions. Initially, authorities were reporting that there were numerous injuries, however, officials have now clarified that only one employee suffered minor burns and was the only person injured in the blast. That employee was taken to a local hospital.

The fire is currently contained.

ETB has learned that Sound Resource Solutions is a recycling company that repackages various chemicals. It is believed that the explosion was caused by an accident involving a forklift, and is currently under investigation.

Chemicals that are used at Sound Resource Solutions LLC:

SRS Tank Wash Solvent SRS Viscosity Adjustors Sulfuric Acid Acetic Acid Phosphoric Acid Acetone Xylene Hexane and Hexane Blends Mineral Spirits Methanol Caustic 20-50% Diesel turpentine cI-17 NP9

According to air quality tests, none of the chemicals currently appear in the air.

US 59 Southbound lanes are open. US 59 Northbound lanes are still closed as of 5 p.m.


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