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Pirates lose but the glass ceiling was Broken

Mart Panthers won 42-0 against the Deweyville Pirates.

Friday night was the end of the season for the Pirates. It can not be overlooked that this years team has broken through a "glass ceiling" of sorts with the first ever 10 win season and 3rd playoff depth. Deweyville Football is ON THE MAP and this coaching staff as well as the young men made their mark.

Don't forget Mart is ranked #2 and above the National Average by almost every metric in passing, rushing and touchdowns by far.

Most people get excited at the Sport's Cinderella stories... Remember the Titans and Rudy to name a couple. We Deweyville ever be one of those? Will Deweyville win a State Championship? Maybe...Who knows? This year proved that they belong in the conversation when it comes to Southeast Texas Football and hopefully, sets the tone for a great next year.


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