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Northern Lights in Southeast Texas? Yes please!

There's nothing like a good eclipse, flood, or massive Earth directed CME solar flare to get locals to break out the cameras! And are we ever glad they did?!?

Last night we had a historic solar flare event that brought the Northern Lights or Auroras into our area and some were reported as far South as Austin.

If you missed this once in a lifetime event, there is a possibility of them appearing again tonight. But, whether it returns tonight or not, we have asked our readers to share their images. So, here they are, for your viewing pleasure!

Sarah Glenn -Kirbyville

Sandra Roberts Harris -Kirbyville

Brittney Clark-Roganville

Eva Beames-Buna

Kyle Badeaux-Buna

Stacy and Buddy Sheffield- Bleakwood

Nikki and Jeff Siau -Buna

Lucinda Boughner-Bleakwood

Lisa Gunther Myatt-Kirbyville

Angel Ann Frederick -Kirbyville

Tanya Coleman -Kirbyville

Shelena Mitchell Kelley -Kirbyville

Lori Mc

Wendy Hall Brown

Joni Foster -Bon Weir

Jimell Mills Powell

Mystery Smith -Burkeville

Ayla Jackson -Bleakwood

Jennifer Roberts Spradley-Kirbyville


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