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NOAA: Key messages about tropical storm Beryl

Warning #3: 5:00 AM AST Sat June 29, 2024

Key Messages:

1. Tropical Storm Beryl is expected to strengthen and become a

hurricane when it reaches the Barlovento Islands on Sunday evening

evening or Monday, bringing a risk of heavy rain, winds with

hurricane strength and dizziness and dangerous storm waves.

2. A Hurricane Watch is now in effect for Barbados. Is

additional hurricane watches likely required and

Tropical Storm, and possible Warnings for portions of the

Barlovento Islands and South Leeward Islands later today.

3. Interests in the Central and Western Caribbean must monitor the

progress of this system. Reminding users that there is a

great uncertainty in days 4 and 5 and do not focus on the

specific details of the trajectory forecast or of



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