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Newton County works to resolve discarded FedEx packages issue

April 2, 2024

Released by Sheriff Burby

Please note that we have reached out to and/or delivered all packages that were found or turned into us. We will continue to do so until this matter is cleared up by FedEx.

On April 2, 2024, at 1230 pm, I picked up three packages that were marked delivered by FedEx from a location near the 1700 Block of W. Court Street (i.e., Hwy 190 W) that were found in the bushes near that address. The three packages were addressed to individuals in Pine Grove, Newton (unincorporated limits), and a location south of Bleakwood. We have reached out to the owners whose names the packages are addressed. We contacted FedEx and informed them of the packages that we have found the last few days throughout the county.

On March 31, 2024, we were Dispatched to investigate FedEx packages that were found in the bushes near the intersection of FM 363 and CR 4046. Upon our arrival, 4 unopened packages were observed with shipping labels that were weathered. A concerned citizen who was on scene advised that he recognized one of the names on the labels and contacted them to make arraignments for them to come retrieve their package.

The addresses were on CR 4023 in Newton, FM 363, Southern Forest Products on CR 2012, and CR 2010. We completed an Offense report to document our actions in delivering the packages to the owners at the addresses located on the packages.

On March 28, 2024, I received a call from a citizen in Newton who advised that they found a FedEx package on the ground in their driveway near the 1700 Block of W. Court Street (i.e., Hwy 190 W). It was marked Jail Supplies that were marked to be delivered to the Newton County Jail. We took possession of our package.


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