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Newton County Texas Revitalization Group……Work Update

Made another tremendous effort Saturday July 22, 2023, in downtown Newton, Texas cleaning out two sections of the Barrow building, 304 Kauffman Street at the corner of Highway 190. A team of six NRG members met the building’s owner Wes Barrow at 6:30AM to start work before the heat halted efforts. The NRG team repeatedly thanked Barrow for his willingness to accept help. Many times, it is very difficult for people to accept help let alone ask for help. We are grateful that Barrow accepted help for this need.

With the two sections clear of damaged furniture, shelving and other debris, an assessment team will be better able to determine repair costs. Ideally the repairs will be assessed and completed by a local contractor who can bring back some of the historical features of the building, constructed in the 1930’s. There is much more to do in and around the building. Thanks to Landscaping Solutions, Scott Hughes’s landscaping business, the grounds are being routinely maintained. Hughes will begin de-weeding the sidewalks around the Barrow building, Newton County Courthouse, and adjacent sidewalks soon with Mayor Pollock’s landscaping business, Landscaping Specialists spraying the weeds and vines to ensure they do not continue growing through, in and around the sidewalks and buildings.

Stay tuned for more work to be done on the historic Barrow building and in Downtown Newton, it is going to be worth the effort!!


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