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Newton County has another 'Gas Goblin'...

Newton County Constable Pct 4 Howie Wonders released a statement Sunday regarding a recent rash of gas thefts.

Wonders said, "I've received info on 3 separate incidents within the last week of people having gas siphoned out of their vehicles. One incident involved a hole being drilled through the gas tank of someone's boat to get to the fuel. We are out patrolling but obviously can't be everywhere at once so everyone please stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity especially at night. If you have porch lights or lights in your yard, I recommend keeping them on. Game cameras are a valuable tool also. I'm out patrolling tonight and usually am most nights. Also remember to keep your vehicle doors locked."

Wonders later added that a white Dodge was seen in one of these areas. He said that he has a witness that saw two people walk to it parked on the side of Hwy 12 and place two red 5 gallon gas tanks in the bed and drive off.


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