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Multiple large fires in Jasper and Newton Counties

An enormous wildfire is currently spreading off of Hwy 1013 West.

Dispatch said that the fire was initially located in a hunting club near address 6397 and 4890.

Air support is being requested, unfortunately it isn't available at this time. As previously stated, there are multiple fires at this time and resources are spread thin.

Tri-Community Volunteer Fire Department is stationed on Hwy 1013 West and county road 517. They requested manpower, trucks and equipment of Kirbyville VFD and Roganville VFD among other departments.

Jasper County Sheriff's Department is reporting that Cr 535 and Cr 513 are currently closed. No evacuations have been ordered at this time however they are asking the public to avoid the area.

Kirbyville VFD Chief Greg Ellis is asking for people to abstain from any outdoor burning at this time!

ETB will update our readers as more information becomes available.

Videos and images by Photojournalist/Sharpshooter Rita Shipp


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