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Miss Kirbyville and sister Queens collected and donated blankets during their annual blanket drive

Miss Kirbyville Kamryn Loyd along with her sister Queens and Kirbyville Elementary collected and donated 81 blankets during their 2nd Annual Blanket Drive.

These blankets were donated to Avalon Place in Kirbyville. They also had a great time visiting with residents and making new friends.

Pictured left to right :

Junior Miss Kirbyville Alayna Chandler, Little Miss Kirbyville Adriele Booker, Baby Miss Kirbyville Myneaux Powers, Miss Kirbyville Kamryn Loyd, Tiny Miss Kirbyville Sutton McCall, Teen Miss Kirbyville Kiera Danna and Mini Miss Kirbyville Abby Morgan

Miss Kirbyville Queens making new friends with Avalon residents

Little Miss Adriele Booker, Miss Kirbyville Kamryn Loyd, Avalon Resident Dorothea Rhea, Teen Miss Kiera Danna, Junior Miss Alayna Chandler, and Avalon Resident Reginald Nielson


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