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Merryville man hydroplaned and flipped his vehicle on 96 South in Kirbyville

2:43 p.m. September 26, 2023

During some much needed rain in Kirbyville, a man from Merryville was traveling Northbound on Hwy 96, just in front of the Veterinary Clinic and heavily damaged his late model Toyota sedan, sending him to the hospital.

27-year-old Cameron Grzybowski said that he hit an area of water and hydroplaned, losing control of his vehicle. As the vehicle left the roadway, it hit a culvert in front of the clinic which caused the car to flip uncontrollably, slamming it into a line of trees adjacent to the parking lot.

Kirbyville Police Sergeant Josh Hancock said that when Allegiance Ambulance Service was requested to transport Grzybowski to Jasper Memorial Hospital for treatment, they refused to send an ambulance. Hancock said, "They claimed that there wasn't an ambulance available, but this has been an ongoing issue with them for some time."

Jasper County Deputy Wade volunteered to take Grzybowski to the hospital in her vehicle.

ETB will update our readers as more information is made available.

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Hoping driver is fine .. God bless him. Sounds like we are in need of some growth in kirbyville for as emergency medical assistance so we don't have to rely on other towns

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