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Mayor Land issues a statement on police involved shooting death

Jasper Mayor Anderson Land has issued a statement regarding the shooting death of his cousin, Elvin Dean Land.

"What I can tell everyone right now is this; the two officers involved are on administrative leave and there is an active investigation being conducted by the Texas Rangers.

I hope and pray that the citizens of Jasper let the Texas Rangers conduct their investigation and wait for the results. I pray that city officials, religious leaders, and law enforcement come together to keep everyone calm and not let this unfortunate incident escalate into a bad situation or get out of control.

Elvin Dean Land was my cousin, but Elvin Dean, or Dean is what he was affectionately known as, and I were more like brothers. I am grieving and hurting just like the rest of my family. I ask everyone to keep the Land family in your thoughts and prayers and keep the City of Jasper in your thoughts and Prayers.

A tragic incident like this should bring a community closer and not divide us. I will do everything I can as Mayor of the City of Jasper and keep in communication with the Rangers involved in the investigation to get to the bottom of what happened and ensure that this warrant was served by the book and followed our local and state law.

I am sending a clear message for the outside agitators and troublemakers; stay away from Jasper, Texas. We do not need your help. We can take care of ourselves. We have the support of our local law enforcement, the State Police, and the Texas Rangers.

I have also spoken to our District 21 Representative Speaker of the House Dade Phelan and former Representative James White, and we have their full support.


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