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Mail carrier seriously injured in dog attack in Curtis Community today

March 19, 2024

At approximately 11:00 am Tuesday, an on-duty Jasper County Deputy was at a residence in the Curtis Community in Jasper, when he heard someone screaming.

Deputy Daniel Coons ran towards the shouting and found a woman on the ground near the 300 block of County Road 110A being attacked by two dogs.

The deputy discharged his firearm and shot one of the dogs, the other charged him and he discharged his firearm again at the other dog. Both dogs died at the scene.

Deputy Coons then administered life-saving measures to the woman, applying a tourniquet to her right arm, and bandaging to her leg. The woman, who was identified as a local postal worker, was taken by ambulance to Jasper Memorial Hospital and then life-flighted to a Houston hospital. She had severe damage to her arm and leg, but we have no update on her condition at this time.

“I am proud of Deputy Daniel Coons for acting quickly and tactfully to save this woman’s life. I hate to think of what the outcome would’ve been had he not been in the right place at the right time. Ours prayers are with her as she recovers.” -Sheriff Mitchel Newman.


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