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Louisiana State Wide Burn Ban Still Active

September 28, 2023

The Lousiana Office of State Fire Marshal issued a statement today. "The statewide burn ban is still in effect today. That may change for your parish tomorrow BUT until then...BURN BAN REMAINS IN EFFECT".

The following are the current restrictions listed in the announcements; (1) DON'T BURN ANYTHING. These three words are clear and simple. All three ban orders issued on 8/25/23 read ALL OUTDOOR BURNING is prohibited with NO exceptions. (2) The use of open flames in fire pits, campfires, barrels, bonfires, burn piles, and like-open burning is included in the burn ban. (3) Outdoor cooking is not a citable offense, but if your cooking creates a fire that the fire department has to respond to, you will get a citation. Be sure to conduct all outdoor cooking with safety measures in place including using contained cooking equipment like grills and smokers, designed for cooking purposes only, on a flame-resistant surface with a water source or fire extinguisher nearby. (4) Mowing and yard work is not banned, however, it is preferred to avoid mowing and/or driving/operating hot machinery and/or any activity that could produce a spark on or near dry, brown, dead grass because of its flammability. Many fire departments are experiencing increased calls for brush fires stemming from mowing/farming operations, so PLEASE be conscious of this fire hazard and try to avoid the activity until conditions improve. Lastly, if you see a fire, CALL 911 for the fire department to put the fire out!! #dontburnanything

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