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Local Graduates Naval Boot Camp

Local Kirbyville graduate class of 2022, Jadyn Roden recently graduated boot camp at Great Lakes Naval Station Friday the 8th. He is the proud son of Jace and Jenna Roden, both of Kirbyville. His love of the water and ships was evident at a young age having a fascination with ocean liner and Naval vessels, which was highly encouraged by his late Grandmother Brenda Roden. He was able to spend a few hours in Chicago with his parents, where the first thing he did post boot camp was get a delicious meal from Olive Garden. After this, they visited the Chicago museum of history where they have a Germany U-boat exihibit, along with various race cars. He shipped out to his A-school on Saturday ready to tackle this new adventure. His current plans are to begin college when he is assigned his duty station, so he can apply to Officer Canidate School. His parents are proud of him for making the decision to serve his country. We wish you good luck and thank you for your sacrifice! Hooyah! Go Navy!


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